Toolkit 4

Helping students, parents and professionals leverage Assistive Technology
to achieve independence in the classroom and beyond.

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What is a Toolkit 4 Transition?

Total Control

This program is independent from a school or institution, allowing for students and parents to access no matter how their situation develops.

Increased Student Advocacy

The student has a document to use as a conversation starter when transitioning to a new team or Assistive Technology Specialist – the student becomes an advocate for themselves.

Ongoing History of Tool Usage

The T4T allows for parents and students to keep a history of the programs, apps, tools and strategies trialed to ensure there is no wasted time repeating a process.

Seamless Transition to Next Setting

This tool allows families to provide a document with the items needed for the student to be successful in the classroom to a new team or Assistive Technology Specialist.

Measure Mastery Level

T4T will help students, parents and teams measure the ability level and progress using Assistive Technology tools and strategies.


Because the T4T was developed by Special Educators the sections are comprehensive to ensure all possible areas are covered.

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